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Collab Tote bag

Collab Tote bag

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Tote bag made from seat belt and tent scraps

1. High-function tote bag: comfortable storage in a unique material
The Think Scrap tote bag is a combination of seatbelt and tent scraps. It has incredible storage space and internal pockets, perfect for organizing your everyday items. The tent fabric incorporates a glass material that keeps it from losing shape and stands on its own, keeping your valuable belongings safe. This unisex bag is perfect for commuting and outdoor activities.


・Durable and unique design made from seatbelt and tent scraps
・Ample storage space and interior pockets
・Glass material keeps its shape and stands on its own

2. Fusion of stylish design and functionality
ThinkScrap tote bags are a perfect blend of sophisticated design and superior functionality. A shoulder strap can be attached to the side for style and practicality. Additionally, a mesh A4-size pocket on the surface provides convenient storage for small items and documents. An additional attractive feature of this tote bag is that it comes with a seat belt tongue. Car keys, house keys, air pods, etc., can be attached to it as a fashionable accent.


・Mesh pocket organizes small items and documents
・Seat belt tongue is a fashionable feature
・Use as a bag commuter or bag business

3. Environmentally friendly choice
This tote bag is made from recycled seatbelt and tent scraps, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It is also durable and will last for many years. Embrace a sustainable lifestyle with this eco-friendly tote bag.


・Made of eco-friendly reusable materials
・Long-lasting durability
・Contributes to a sustainable lifestyle


Width 40 cm, Height 32 cm, Gusset 15 cm

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